The dream garage

Anyone who has spent hours carrying out car repairs outside, in the dark and pouring rain (strange how it’s always raining!) will have dreamt about the luxury of working in the relative luxury of a garage.

Unfortunately, not all garages are ideal and newly built domestic garages, just like new houses, are getting smaller despite the fact that cars, and families, are getting larger! Many larger cars will only just fit in with no room to even open the doors, other than the rear hatch. Most home mechanics know that they need a much better space and set about designing their own ideal garage.

Location, Location, Location.

For most people, other than lottery winners, the garage design is limited by the space available but the general rule is “The bigger the better” and then to maximise the workspace to its full extent. For most garages, flexibility in space usage is the answer.

The Tardis Factor

With a little thought, the garage can seem to be much roomier than expected. A top quality floor is essential not only to make work easier and cleaner but also to allow equipment and stationery vehicles to be moved around at will. There is a very useful vehicle mover offering a large number of different uses, such a device is the fastest and safest way to move vehicles with no need to start engines. Cars can thus be parked within inches of each other freeing up valuable floor space.

Vertical Stretch

A vehicle lift is a great asset. Most are fixtures but portable or fully retracting versions are available. Many can also offer additional car storage by piggybacking one vehicle above another. If headroom prevents a lift, a traditional pit is a good alternative.

Of course, any garage will always be limited by its size, location and money available … until those lottery numbers come in!