How to tune your car

There are many reasons for having a go at tuning your car, not the least being that you get to save a bit of money. You also know what parts you are putting into your motor, so you can be sure that they are top quality. Modern cars with their computer technology and high-tech systems, mean that it is getting increasingly difficult to perform DIY. However, there are still things you can do to tune up your vehicle, and make it run more efficiently and economically. These can be done without a computer, and a degree in physics and molecular mechanics.

The simple oil filter

With the advent of the autonomous vehicle, parking sensors and transmission systems made in hell, it’s nice to know that your vehicle will still have an air filter. This vital engine part, is as easy to maintain, as it always has been. If the filter is not sufficiently clean, then it needs to be changed. If it’s been on a while, then it needs changing because it is not doing its job efficiently. It can also reduce fuel economy if it’s dirty. As part of your annual tune-up, you could draw up a chart, of how many miles you will drive before fitting a new one.

Oil change

Old oil becomes less efficient at protecting the engine parts of your car and is therefore not doing its job. It can be messy doing an oil change, but it has to be done about every three months or 5,000 miles. If you want oil that lasts longer in the engine, then try synthetic that has less tendency to break down and turn into treacle.

The humble spark plug

As part of a simple home tune, the spark plugs are essential to make your vehicle fly, and also reduce petrol consumption. Even though you are told that these days the modern spark plug can last up to 100,000 miles, It is best not to get to 50,000 before pulling them out and fitting some new ones.

A fuel cleaner

The vehicles engine components and fuel injection system can over time, get clogged with residual waste from the fuel. This will mean a decrease in the overall performance. To restore that ‘purr,’ to the engine, just use a high-quality fuel cleaner in the tank about twice a year, and you will notice the difference.

Finally how about checking the air pressure in the car’s tyres. It’s simple, but at least it is something you can do yourself, and will improve mileage and give you a better ride.